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General Questions

Proctortrack goes to great lengths to inform you when you are being monitored. You are only being monitored when the large red frame is around your screen. The application does not access any of your personal files and it does not allow anyone remote access to your computer.

Proctortrack’s role at universities is to highlight abnormal behavior and then present evidence to the university to allow them to make a decision whether or not the highly behavior results in a violation of academic integrity policies.

No. Proctortrack is completely automated and proctorless. There is no human on the other end who is watching you as you take the test. Your session is recorded and then presented to your professor to review.

To use Proctortrack, you will need a webcam, microphone, keyboard, mouse, monitor and high-speed internet. To get a full list of specifications, visit our technical requirements page. Not sure if you meet the requirements? Don’t worry – before you begin your test, we’ll perform a system check and evaluate if your existing equipment will work.

A high-speed Internet connection is required to run Proctortrack. At a minimum, an end user will need a connection with Download speeds of 512 kb/s and Upload speeds of 512 kb/s.
Note:  Please ensure that all other applications or software that might be using the internet bandwidth are not running and are turned off.

Proctortrack is incompatible with Mac OSX version that is 10.6 or older. Test takers can, however upgrade to latest Mac OSX.

If the computer unit is less than five years old, the upgrade is free. If it is older than five years,
Apple charges a fee somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 for the upgrade. Regardless of the use of these computers for Proctortrack, the owners should upgrade because, if they don’t, their security risks are very high.

Here is an article with information on Mac OSX describing the importance of an upgrade.