FreshHire- Recruiting software and pre employment assessment solutions, Online Recruiting System, Hire The Right Candidates, Online Assessment Tool

FreshHire is a recruitment and pre-employment testing platform built around our patented computer vision technologies.

FreshHire offers hiring managers verified, top-ranked candidates and eliminates fraudulent job-seekers, featuring only candidates with proven talent and demonstrated integrity.

Discover how to filter the best candidates

Pre-employment assessments have become an invaluable tool to hiring managers in determining a candidate’s fitness to succeed, but their authenticity often comes into question. FreshHire™ brings peace-of-mind to the recruitment process with verified candidates and secure pre-employment assessments. See how FreshHire helped Indiepay’s hiring process become 9x more efficient, at ⅓ of the cost:


Demand more from pre-employment assessments
and online recruitment.

Hire candidates with verified identity, proven integrity, high-level skills, and no surprises.

Hiring Managers

Filter through the FreshHire candidate pool to see how verified candidates with proven integrity and high-level skills stack up against their peers. Reduce time and cost-to-hire, while connecting the right candidate to the right job.


Circumvent traditional recruiting methods by demonstrating your abilities and integrity directly to hiring managers. Take skill-based, pre-employment assessments on FreshHire to become a featured candidate. Get recommended and get hired faster.

Hiring Managers

Plug into your recruitment process
FreshHire seamlessly integrates into your corporate career sites and exports your favorite candidates right into your ATS.

Easy to use
FreshHire offers a collaborative hiring experience, with simple dashboards, tagging and filtering tools, and a modern user interface.

Evaluate candidates before bringing them in
Access a full report, including candidates’ resumes, geography, salary requirements, test scores and analytics, rankings, video interviews, and your own qualitative sentiment data, complete with sorting functionality.

Customize to your needs
Select from the FreshHire assessment library, or upload your own to measure your candidates’ strengths.

FreshHire is an online recruitment and pre-employment assessment platform tool. Freshhire Dashboard


Freshhire candidates dashboard automated monitoring solutions deliver high-value integrity to corporate certifications or HR pre-employment assessments.

Build your FreshHire profile
Upload your resume and answer video interview questions to show why you are a good fit, both on paper and in the office.

Ready when you are
Take assessments as many times as you want. FreshHire is available at your convenience – anytime, anywhere, on-demand.

Stand out from your peers
Prove what you know, earn verified certificates, and publish the scores you are proud of.

Get hired faster
Allow FreshHire to recommend your profile to hundreds of hiring managers, instantly.