trusted integrity
for an online world.

• Identity verification delivered.
• Automated remote monitoring.
• Live remote monitoring.
• Securing pre-employment assessments.
• Remote workforce management.

Verificient Technologies Inc specializes in biometrics, computer vision, and machine learning to deliver world-class solutions in continuous identity verification and remote monitoring.

Live Proctoring with AI and
Automated Remote Proctoring

Proctortrack is an identity verification and automated digital remote proctoring solution, helping Institutions of higher education ensure the integrity of their high-stakes online assessments.

Remote Work Secured

RemoteDesk is an automated monitoring solution that securely identifies work-at-home agents and delivers a Clean Desk Environment, helping employers manage their remote workforce and mitigate their risk.

Filtered and Verified Candidates

FreshHire is a testing and recruitment platform, helping HR managers hire-at-scale by filtering high-quality candidates through verified skill-based assessments with video interviews.

Trusted Identity Verification

The baseline profile for a test-taker created with Biometric scans (Face, ID & Knuckle) and includes ID verification, secure data storage, training and unlimited support.

Proctortrack | Trusted Exam Integrity

Proctortrack leverages automation and live proctoring using AI to deliver innovation, quality and price leadership at scale.

RemoteDesk | Trusted Work Integrity

RemoteDesk is the only AI-based remote workforce management solution that automatically secures the computers of teleworkers and delivers the Clean Desk Environment.

FreshHire | Trusted Hiring Integrity

FreshHire helps HR managers hire at scale by hyper-filtering high-quality employment-ready candidates by delivering verified competency, and skill based assessments with video interviews.

Veripass | Trusted Identity Verification

Veripass enables authentication of the data collected during real exams by comparison against the baseline profile. Customers have the option of using Veripass in conjunction with Proctortrack or use Veripass only.

Computer Vision

Algorithmic processing enables automated monitoring for policy-compliance at scale

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence combs data to uncover insights that enhance detection algorithms in real-time

Online Identity Verification

Multi-factor biometric authentication upon entry and continuous facial recognition throughout

User-Centered Design

Seamless experience for all user types, with custom integrations and configurable settings to meet your unique needs

Award-Winning Support

Available anytime, anywhere, on-demand, with support offered 24x7x365 via live-chat, phone, and email

Reliable Results

Accurate and consistent results, delivered in context.

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Over 2.5 million identity verification and monitoring sessions delivered.

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