Success in Safety! Privacy Rights in the Remote Workplace

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The reality of today’s remote workforce is such that employees can kick back at a co-working space or their favorite cafe and casually work on their project while enjoying a cappuccino. It sure sounds refreshing and liberating compared to the grinding in a stuffy corporate office. However, this scenario is in nonconformity with various security […]

RemotedDesk exhibits at ILTACON 2019

remotedesk iltacon, orlando

Orlando, FL, August 13th, 2019. RemoteDesk will be in Orlando, Florida for ILTACON 2019. The conference begins on August 18, at WDW Swan and Dolphin Resort.  You can meet at RemoteDesk at Booth #1224. ILTACON is a leading educational and networking event for the legal sector. The conference will bring together legal technologists, lawyers, and […]

Clean Desk Policy. Why it matters for teleworking! 

Remotedesk by verificient offer Clean desk policy for teleworking, remote worker or home worker

What is a “Clean Desk Policy”? With over 90% of workers stating the desire to work remotely, the trend seems to have staying power. Proponents of remote working cite benefits not only to employees but also to businesses and the environment. However, today’s big data culture is under constant threat of security risks and data […]

Utah’s Teleworking Program increases productivity by 23% and wins everywhere!

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In Utah’s pilot teleworking initiative, the traditional office structure has been radically reimagined to not only save time and money but also reduce emissions and stress. Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox considers remote work as a living and breathing concept that adapts to changing technologies, team members and expectations. The decentralized work model has kick-started […]

Remotedesk showcases at LegalSEC 2019

Remotedesk showcases at LegalSEC 2019. Remotedesk secure the documents review process monitor your remote eDiscovery workforce with remotedesk

Arlington, VA, June 6th, 2019. This year’s two-day LegalSEC Summit took place at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel in Arlington, VA and produced an engaging event for legal tech professionals to connect with experts in the legal security arena. It offered an extensive overview on topics such as practice data management, information governance, data privacy […]

Remotedesk delivers over 30,000 hours of secured monitoring

Remotedesk by verificient delivers over 30,000 hours of secured monitoring

New York, NY (January 28th, 2019) – Remotedesk by Verificient Technologies, has delivered over 30,000 hours of secured monitoring and has partnered with call centers and legal remote outsourcing staffing companies to accomplish this milestone.  Remotedesk client Bicoastal Legal, a remote e-Discovery legal workforce solutions company, has capitalized on the implementation of Remotedesk into their eDiscovery document process. […]

Verificient Technologies, Inc takes part in AISS 2018

Verificient Technologies, Inc takes part in AISS 2018

Rajnish Kumar, CEO of Verificient Technologies, Inc was invited to be a panelist for the 13th edition of the NASSCOM- DSCI: Annual Information Security Summit (AISS); held on 4th through 6th December. This year’s AISS took a deep dive into Cyber Security; its trends, threats and its role in transforming Digital India. It was a congregation […]