Digital Remote Proctoring Automated

Proctortrack™ is a leading online assessments platform provides student-friendly remote proctoring solution for higher academic institutions & universities. We offerings completely automated & human-less proctoring which allows taking your test online anytime, anywhere!

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Filtered and Verified Candidates

FreshHire™ is a online recruitment and pre-employment assessment software. It transforms the hiring and recruiting process by providing enterprises with an all-in-one video interviews & pre-hire verified skill-based assessments solution.

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Remote Work Secured

RemoteDesk™ is monitoring real-time employee computer activities and securely identifies work-at-home agents to delivers a clean desk environment. Remote desktop software provides data protection for business & home worker.

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Computer Vision

Algorithmic processing enables automated monitoring for policy-compliance at scale

Artificial Intelligence

Combs data to uncover insights that enhance detection algorithms in real-time

Online Identity Verification

Multi-factor biometric authentication upon entry and continuous facial recognition throughout

User-Centered Design

Seamless experience for all user types, with custom integrations and configurable settings to meet your unique needs.

Reliable Results

Accurate and consistent results, delivered in context.

Available, Affordable and Accessible

Always available, on- demand, no scheduling required, 24/7/365 support, cost savings.

Our Technology

Verificient Technologies is a SaaS firm, utilizing biometrics, computer vision, and machine learning to deliver world-class solutions in continuous identity verification and remote monitoring. Weaving these advanced technologies together with user-centered design and award-winning customer service, our patented, automated approach pairs usability with accurate results and true scalability. Serving a variety of markets, including higher education, HR and recruitment, and remote labor-force management, our solutions - Proctortrack, FreshHire, and RemoteDesk - are built to achieve custom integrations and contain configurable settings to meet each client’s unique needs. Verificient Technologies has powered biometric authentication and continuous identity verification for over one million sessions.



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