Biometrics and AI-Enabled Identity Verification For Online Gambling

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Online Gambling in the Digital Age ​When we think of gambling, we often think of casinos with bulky slot machines, blackjack dealers and stacked poker chips. However, gambling in the 21st century involves much more tech than you can imagine. Online casinos and online gambling sites are becoming increasingly popular since they recreate the fast-paced, […]

Combating Online Gaming Fraud With Digital Identity Verification

Veripass uses digital identity verification software to prevent fraud in online gaming. biometrics facial recognition, Online Gambling

Gone are the times when online gaming was only limited to LAN parties. Smarter mobile devices and high-speed internet have revolutionized online gaming for good. Due to its growing popularity, more and more online gamers are spending actual money on in-game purchases. From the maker’s standpoint, these in-game goods are a primary source of revenue, but it […]

Verificient Reveals Website Redesign

Proctortrack mobile app for online proctoring, remote proctored exam, proctoring solution near me. Proctortrack providing exam integrity.

Verificient Technologies Inc, leading identity verification and remote monitoring solution provider recently launched a website design Verificient Technologies specializes in biometrics, computer vision, and machine learning to deliver world-class solutions in the EdTech and corporate industry. This new website design comes with optimized navigation and improved search capabilities- with a clear display of all the […]

The rising and painful cost of cheating

How to Cheat On a Test. When students cheat on exams it's because our school system. Proctortrack detect the cheaters.

Teachers taught that sharing is caring but they were definitely not referring to exam answers. In 2014, a cheating scandal went bust after an entire class at Downriver High scored a 100% in their test. Two juniors took pictures of the answer key and circulated it on a group text when the teacher wasn’t around. […]

Success in Safety! Privacy Rights in the Remote Workplace

Privacy remotedesk

The reality of today’s remote workforce is such that employees can kick back at a co-working space or their favorite cafe and casually work on their project while enjoying a cappuccino. It sure sounds refreshing and liberating compared to the grinding in a stuffy corporate office. However, this scenario is in nonconformity with various security […]

Proctortrack gets a head start at WES Delhi

Proctortrack by verificient gets a head start at WES Delhi

Proctortrack made a lasting impression at the 14th World Education Summit (WES) on August 9-10th, 2019, in Delhi, India. Exhibiting at the event was Proctortrack by Verificient, the world’s most advanced remote proctoring and identity verification solution. Proctortrack was at this engaging two-day summit presenting its multi-level monitoring software used by many teachers and instructors […]

RemotedDesk exhibits at ILTACON 2019

remotedesk iltacon, orlando

Orlando, FL, August 13th, 2019. RemoteDesk will be in Orlando, Florida for ILTACON 2019. The conference begins on August 18, at WDW Swan and Dolphin Resort.  You can meet at RemoteDesk at Booth #1224. ILTACON is a leading educational and networking event for the legal sector. The conference will bring together legal technologists, lawyers, and […]

How $70k/year (what?!?) Liberal Arts Colleges can reinvent themselves

Automated and live proctoring with an AI-based solution like Proctortrack can effectively detect and deter students who cheat.

The phrase “disruptive innovation” has gradually crept into the academic jargon and is synonymous with innovations that disturb well-established companies and products by building new markets. Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen explains this in his best selling book “The Investor’s Dilemma”. A patron of the concept, he has raised eyebrows in higher education by […]

Clean Desk Policy. Why it matters for teleworking! 

Remotedesk by verificient offer Clean desk policy for teleworking, remote worker or home worker

What is a “Clean Desk Policy”? With over 90% of workers stating the desire to work remotely, the trend seems to have staying power. Proponents of remote working cite benefits not only to employees but also to businesses and the environment. However, today’s big data culture is under constant threat of security risks and data […]

World Education Summit in New Delhi. Meet Proctortrack at Booth 33

Proctortrack at WES19

Proctortrack will be exhibiting at the 14th World Education Summit in New Delhi, from August 9th to 10th, 2019 at the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel. Meet us at Booth 33 to explore how you can preserve the integrity of online credentials. This year’s World Education Summit will bring together the world’s most brilliant academic minds, […]