MEF Global Conference

MEF Global Conference attents verificient

CEO Tim Dutta is a guest presenter at the MEF Global Conference, Nov 17-19, in San Francisco where he shared his vision for the future of automated proctoring for mobile devices.

Proctortrack is in compliance and a supporter of the Future of Privacy Forum

Proctortrack is in compliance and a supporter

PROCTORTRACK’S PLEDGE TO TEST TAKERS: Proctortrack is the world’s most advanced and easiest to use automated proctoring solution. Our automated solution is also the least intrusive remote proctoring solution on the market. Gaining and keeping the trust of our users is important to us. This is our pledge to our users: 1. Proctortrack does not […]

Video: GMA Good Morning America attempts to cheat Proctortrack, Fails.

GMA Good Morning America attempts to cheat Proctortrack, Fails.

Mara Schiavocampo, “Good Morning America” correspondent visits Verificient and Sujit Sama, VP of Business Development, explains the challenges of online learning and how Verificient is working to bring integrity back to online test. She attempts to cheat on an online exam. Proctortrack catches her and she fails the integrity score.

College students are already trying to hack new anti-cheating ‘spyware’

Proctortrack offers completely automated and human-less proctoring services

by Kashmir Hill For years, colleges and universities have used computer programs like TurnItIn to keep students from plagiarizing on papers, and old-school methods like spaced-out seating to keep them from cheating on in-class exams. Now, the online education sector is testing out new, more sophisticated tools to keep remote students from cheating as well—and […]

Dallas: ET4 Online Conference

Newbury College closes! A case for online proctoring

Verificient heads out to the 8th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium April 22-24, Dallas, Texas. Great people, great BBQ. Yeehaw! DONT MISS OUR DISCOVERY SESSION: Why Identity Verification Matters for Online Courses Short abstract How do institutions ensure that students, who take online programs,  be compared to students that are taking traditional face-to-face programs? […]

Rutgers RU Online Hybrid Conference

Proctortrack in automated remote proctoring

Verificient will be at the Rutgers RU Online Hybrid Conference in Newark and East Brunswick. Visit our tradeshow booth to check out a demo of Proctortrack, our disruptive automated remote proctoring solution that stops cheating on online tests. Also don’t miss our presentation on Why Identity Verification Matters for Online Courses, January 15th at 11:15am in the Raritan Room […]

NY Times: Online Test-Takers Feel Anti-Cheating Software’s Uneasy Glare

Proctortrack by verificient online proctoring solution

By NATASHA SINGER APRIL 5, 2015 NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Before Betsy Chao, a senior here at Rutgers University, could take midterm exams in her online courses this semester, her instructors sent emails directing students to download Proctortrack, a new anti-cheating technology. School administrators say for online learning to be legitimate, testing has to be monitored. Proctortrack is […]

CEO Tim Dutta presents at ASU+GSV Summit

verificient technologies inc. asu gsv summit 2015

Catch CEO Tim Dutta present at ASU+GSV Summit 2015 featuring Proctortrack. The world’s most advanced automated remote proctoring solution, that integrates with all the major learning management systems, and helps Higher Education institutions bring integrity to their online degrees and credentials. Venture Presentation Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm Location: Camelback I, The Phoenician or meet us at […]

Education Dive: Proctortrack help universities give credit only where it’s due

Proctortrack by verificient delivers identity verification for remote proctoring

Proctortrack delivers identity verification for remote proctoring Online courses give colleges and universities an opportunity to meet students where they are, abandoning the traditional classroom setup and creating new levels of flexibility. Massive open online courses have gone a step further, broadening the reach of institutions to a theoretically global scale. But when the purpose […]