Verificient Launches New Website

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FreshHire by Verificient has a new address

FreshHire helps HR managers hire at scale by hyper-filtering high-quality job applicants by delivering verified competency, and skill-based pre-employment assessments with video interviews.

Our new website unveils a refreshing new interface for HR managers and candidates. A simple layout and a distinct color palette are used to bring more clarity in content. Navigation has also been optimized to suit the search preferences of different visitors.

Freshhire online assessment tools

The website showcases new Freshhire features like testing platform, video-interviews, ATS integration, skill-based assessments, and hyper-filtering on the HR webpage; on the candidate webpage, there are new features like verified tests, comprehensive identity verification, and access to all recruiters through one platform. also features new media content like original blog pieces, press releases and case studies that can be found under the Blog Section. The webpage also comes with a dedicated social media element allowing viewers to investigate current trends and news surrounding pre-employment assessments and recruitment.