Arlington, VA, 29th May 2019.

ILTA’s 7th Annual Event on Legal Security will take place from June 3-5 in Arlington, VA.

This two-day event will provide opportunities for legal technology professionals to showcase new innovations, case studies, best practices. The focus of this year’s conference will be on information security challenges.

The legal industry is experiencing a digital disruption with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies that have proved to be cost-effective, secure and practical. Legal technology can significantly reduce the risk of breaches and data leaks. The LegalSEC conference aims to help educate legal firms on how to secure and manage client and company data with the application of the latest technology.

Remotedesk by Verificient is a software that ensures confidentiality and data security. Remotedesk is the only automated monitoring solution that continuously secures the identity of remote work-at-home agents and delivers a Clean Desk Environment.

Remotedesk recently worked with Bicoastal Legal to remotely monitor over 30,000 hours of document review attorneys working on a variety of class action lawsuits. With Remotedesk, law firms can expand their attorney pool by bringing in teams from any geography and prevent overbilling and underbilling with actual time-stamped billable hours.

About Remotedesk 

RemoteDesk (powered by Verificient Technologies, Inc.) is the only automated monitoring solution that continuously secures the identities of remote work-at-home agents and delivers the Clean Desk Environment. Remotedesk’s elegant and simple AI technology securely monitors remote workers while providing clear transparency, accountability, work-at-home policy compliance, and risk management for outsourcing initiatives. 

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About Verificient Technologies, Inc 

Verificient Technologies, Inc. is a Trusted Identity-as-a-Service (TIaaS) specializing in identity verification and authentication through its patented solutions that utilize AI, machine learning, computer visioning, and biometrics. They ensure the integrity of online users and serve a variety of markets, including higher education (, HR & Recruitment (, and Remote Labor-Force Management ( 

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