Verificient Celebrates it’s 5th Year Anniversary

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New York, NY– Verificient Technologies Inc., specializing in identity verification and biometric authentication, celebrated its 5th anniversary on January 1, 2019. Verificient has delivered over two million identity verifications since its inception.

Co-founders CEO Rajnish Kumar and COO Rahul Siddharth entered the market in 2014 with Proctortrack, the world’s most advanced automated remote proctoring solution that continuously verifies the identities of online test-takers while detecting and deterring academic misconduct. Proctortrack is easily available for higher ed institutions on Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Moodle, Sakai and other learning management systems.

“When Raj shared with me his proctoring prototype back in 2013, I was skeptical,” laughs COO Rahul Siddharth. “It definitely needed UX/UI packaging. But his technology was always remarkable. We decided to enter the Kaplan Techstars accelerator together. Raj’s background in cloud technology and AI data infrastructures and my design / marketing / branding background was a natural partnership. We both had successful business consultancies as well, so we could always whiteboard great product roadmaps and overall business strategies together with each other. Once we got accepted to the Kapan Techstars accelerator, the rest has been a learning and rewarding ride.”

The success of Proctortrack had led to the creation of two additional products, aimed to serve new industries and solve nagging business challenges.

In 2015, Verificient entered the talent recruitment marketplace with FreshHire. From Education to Employment professionals, FreshHire helps HR managers hire at scale, by filtering quality employment ready graduates, who prove what they know – by taking verified competency and skill-based assessments with video interviews questions. FreshHire can integrate with and complement any applicant tracking systems.

In 2016, Verificient turned to human capital and labor force management markets with RemoteDesk. RemoteDesk is the only automated monitoring solution that continuously secures the identity of remote work-at-home agents and delivers the Clean Desk environment. RemoteDesk helps managers ensure against any confidentiality breaches and is a deterrent to malicious insider data breaches. Remotedesk has successfully delivered over 30,000 hours of secured monitoring for employees in the remote outsourcing and legal ediscovery industries.

With offices in New York, NY and Pune, India, and supported by over 100 employees, Verificient will continue to be an innovative player in their perspective product fields.

“It’s amazing to look back at all the progress we’ve made as a company. An idea is nice to have, I have some killer ideas now and then,” says CEO Rajnish Kumar, “But having a team help bring an idea to life is a humbling experience. I’m grateful for all the hard work everyone has put into (now our) idea. Verificient builds integrity technology, by people with integrity, for people who demand integrity. I’m excited about the new innovations our family will share with the world in the upcoming year. Cheers!”

About Verificient Technologies, Inc

Verificient Technologies, Inc. is a Trusted Identity-as-a-Service (TIaaS) specializing in identity verification and authentication through its patented solutions that utilizes AI, machine learning, computer visioning and biometrics. They ensure the integrity of online users and serve a variety of markets, including higher education (, HR & Recruitment (, and Remote Labor-Force Management (

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