Cost of hiring a bad apple

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How FreshHire can help identify the best of the bunch:

It might be easy to spot one bad apple in the bunch, but enough of comparing apples to people. It takes longer to detect a bad hire and significant resources are misspent. Money, time, efforts … money. 

Fact is, candidates lie on resumes all the time but that does not make them all bad hires. Any good fit can be trained and mentored but bad hires are a financial sinkhole and over long periods of time also have a way of impacting the company environment in a negative manner.

There are monetary and non-monetary costs involved with bad hires:

Freshhire Online Assessment Tools Candidates Identity Verification pre employment assessment test

The cost of hiring a new employee starts with advertising on job portals, which is an expensive ordeal these days. A job market is a competitive place and if you want the best candidates then you need to present yourself as the best workplace, which could mean an extra investment in nap-pods or other attractive incentives. Since applicants aren’t in short supply HR managers take longer to screen and short-list the best of the bunch. Some recruitment tools that help HR personnel include ATS, online assessments, internet sourcing, and video interviews, each adding on to the cost. According to a few reports, the average cost of hire is $4000 and can go up to $5000 for senior-level positions. 

Freshhire Online Assessment Tools for pre hiringTo standardize the recruitment process and eliminate the possibility of bad hires Verificient Technologies Inc has rolled out FreshHire. FreshHire is a pre-employment assessment and video interview tool that helps recruiters and HR managers screen large pools of candidates by testing them through qualitative and quantitative instruments all available online. It is one of a kind of product that offers continuous identity verification of candidates while they give the assessment. FreshHire delivers the best results to the top of the recruitment funnel.

FreshHire brings the benefits of three systems into one:

  1. Identity Verification: removes fraudulent candidates 
  2. Online Assessment Tools: reduce human error and saves time 
  3. Video Interview Tools: save resources on scheduling & travel

What can FreshHire do to reduce the cost of hire and bring you the best fit the first time:

  1. Screen more candidates: FreshHire pre-filters the job applicants based on their competencies and skill set. 
  2. A larger pool of candidates can be tested: FreshHire ranks each candidate based on test results, bringing the best to the top of the hiring funnel. 
  3. Convenience to candidates: FreshHire mobile app can be used anytime and anywhere. 
  4. Competency + Verbal communication test indicators: Via quantitative assessments and qualitative interview questions.