Dallas: ET4 Online Conference

Newbury College closes! A case for online proctoring

Verificient heads out to the 8th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium April 22-24, Dallas, Texas. Great people, great BBQ. Yeehaw! DONT MISS OUR DISCOVERY SESSION: Why Identity Verification Matters for Online Courses Short abstract How do institutions ensure that students, who take online programs,  be compared to students that are taking traditional face-to-face programs? […]

Rutgers RU Online Hybrid Conference

Proctortrack in automated remote proctoring

Verificient will be at the Rutgers RU Online Hybrid Conference in Newark and East Brunswick. Visit our tradeshow booth to check out a demo of Proctortrack, our disruptive automated remote proctoring solution that stops cheating on online tests. Also don’t miss our presentation on Why Identity Verification Matters for Online Courses, January 15th at 11:15am in the Raritan Room […]

NY Times: Online Test-Takers Feel Anti-Cheating Software’s Uneasy Glare

Proctortrack by verificient online proctoring solution

By NATASHA SINGER APRIL 5, 2015 NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Before Betsy Chao, a senior here at Rutgers University, could take midterm exams in her online courses this semester, her instructors sent emails directing students to download Proctortrack, a new anti-cheating technology. School administrators say for online learning to be legitimate, testing has to be monitored. Proctortrack is […]