Education Dive: Proctortrack help universities give credit only where it’s due

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Proctortrack delivers identity verification for remote proctoring

Online courses give colleges and universities an opportunity to meet students where they are, abandoning the traditional classroom setup and creating new levels of flexibility. Massive open online courses have gone a step further, broadening the reach of institutions to a theoretically global scale. But when the purpose of higher education is to get a job, education can fall flat. And MOOCs can fall even flatter.

It’s all about standards and confidence. Many employers have lower confidence in skills gained through an online course than through a traditional on-campus class, especially if that campus is tied to an established, accredited, and renowned college.

Tim Dutta is a co-founder of Verificient Technologies, which markets a software called Proctortrack and aims to bring greater integrity to the world of online education, especially MOOCs for credit.