Proctortrack Pledge

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Proctortrack is the world’s most advanced and easiest to use automated proctoring solution. Our automated solution is also the least intrusive remote proctoring solution on the market. Gaining and keeping the trust of our users is important to us.
This is our pledge to our users:
1. Proctortrack does not record from the webcam, mic or any peripherals outside of the
pre-test authentication steps and red frame monitoring periods.

2. Proctortrack does not access existing personal files on your hard drive.

3. Proctortrack does not share any of your data with third parties (other than the

institution you are required to take the test for).

4. Proctortrack purges student data per university defined standards (approximately 90

days from the end of the semester and last make up exam).

5. There is no live monitoring of your test sessions.

6. Proctortrack uses best in class approaches to security and privacy, making sure your

data is always safe.

7. Proctortrack is FERPA compliant.

8. The Proctortrack application can be removed from your system upon confirmation

that your test data has been uploaded successfully.

9. Proctortrack creates an even playing field for honest online test takers.

10. If you are not breaching the testing policies, you have nothing to worry about.

Our main goal is to provide a safe, simple and secure method for test takers to take an assessment anytime, anywhere in the privacy of their own space – while protecting their data.
Proctortrack is bringing integrity to the online credential.