CMO Rahul Siddharth presents at Academic Integrity Conference

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CMO Rahul SIddharth and CEO Tim Dutta present Why Identity Verification Matters for Online Courses. Saturday February 28th at 10:00am in Salon D Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel in Vancouver at the International Conference for Academic Integrity.

Abstract: How do institutions know that the person receiving credit for an online course is the person actually completing the coursework and passing the assessment? Verifying the identity of students, while preserving the academic integrity and brand of an organization’s reputational standing is no longer an option but a requirement. What’s the acceptable balance between a student’s experience vs. an organization’s right to safeguard their online programs, while also complying to federal government standards of identity verification? How can online programs contribute to the affordability of education and comply to government standards by deterring, preventing and stopping financial aid fraud, which is a taxing cost to government and tax payers, as required by the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act?|