For higher education institutions, our
flagship solution Proctortrack delivers

Automated Proctoring with No Scheduling Required

Automated Proctoring with

No Scheduling Required

Time & Money Savings

Time & Money


Seamless Integration



Our Clients

Proctortrack is Proctorless

No human proctor is required


  • Proctortrack is already seamlessly integrated and available for Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, eCollege, Blackboard. Just configure and go.

  • Proctortrack is completely automated. Using facial recognition, we can continuously verify the identity of any test taker throughout the full length of an exam.

  • • Reduces Labor Costs
    • Eliminates Human Error
    • No Scheduling Required
    • Pay As You Go
    • No Rescheduling Fees for Students
Proctortrack's 8pt System Check

Proctortrack's 8pt System Check


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It was a beautiful, sunny day out. My friends and I were playing basketball outside our dorm having just finished our finals. Everybody was excited for summer and kept asking one another what their plans were. I overheard a multitude of different responses, with only a few mentioning internships. I thought I was the odd ball here and that I would be one of the few working the typical nine to five job. I was jealous of my friends who could go to the beach everyday and bum around. I realized that is what I had done for the past few summers and it needed to change. This summer I had an internship with the development team at Verificient Technologies, an ed-tech startup located in Manhattan, and I was extremely eager to start.

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